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Art has always been a significant part of my life's journey. I owe my early inspiration to my father, an artist himself, whose captivating drawings fascinated me as a child. My artistic exploration began with cartoons, but as I grew older, I delved into the world of realism, honing my skills through practice. High school exposed me to a range of interests, from whimsical cartoons to detailed pencil portraits.

In my early twenties, I pursued further education at The Art Institute of Indianapolis, immersing myself in the study of human anatomy and the intricacies of form. This period marked a turning point in my artistic path, as I ventured into entrepreneurship, showcasing and selling my artwork online and at conventions in San Antonio. My focus primarily revolved around pop culture characters, depicted in a charming, childlike style that emphasized color theory.

However, the challenges posed by the pandemic prompted a reevaluation of my artistic direction. Seeking a fresh perspective, I returned to college at Northwest Vista College, where my passion for painting, portraiture, and the profound effects of color theory rekindled. Acrylic paint has become my preferred medium, allowing me to infuse vitality into my work by skillfully combining vibrant and desaturated hues. Although I strive for realism in my current creations, traces of my cartoonist background subtly influence the proportions of my portraits, resulting in a distinctive and captivating aesthetic.

Beneath the surface, my art reflects my personal struggles, addressing topics such as ADHD, Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Suicidal Ideation, and Bisexual Erasure. Drawing from my own experiences, I approach these subjects with sincerity, aiming to initiate dialogue and eliminate the stigma surrounding them. By creating art that resonates with shared human experiences, I hope to provide solace and foster understanding.

My artistic journey has been enriched by the works of influential artists such as Gerald Brom and Laurie Lee Brom, who have left an indelible mark on my creative sensibilities. Additionally, the baroque period has influenced my artistic expression, infusing a touch of drama into my compositions.

My creative process is characterized by consistency and thoroughness. I begin by capturing ideas in detailed notes, accompanied by sketches and color studies. Through multiple iterations, I strive to understand each subject's essence and bring authenticity to my work.

Ultimately, my art serves as a powerful vehicle for self-expression, enabling me to communicate aspects of myself that words cannot capture. I aspire to promote understanding, empathy, and acceptance through this visual language. By sharing my personal struggles, I hope to foster connections that transcend individual experiences, offering a sense of validation and unity.

Looking ahead, I aim to explore larger-scale paintings that immerse viewers in an awe-inspiring experience. My artistic goals extend beyond medium and technique; I am committed to continuous growth and exploration.

Through my art, I aspire to leave a lasting impact, reaching the hearts and minds of those who encounter it. Each brushstroke and color choice is an opportunity to push my artistic boundaries and create a meaningful legacy.

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